The “INM Verslo Grupė” was established in Kaunas in 1996. The values of our company are high standards of work and business culture, which have made us one of your most reliable partners and some of the most honest players in the market. From the very first days of the existence of the company, we strive to create added value for both the business sector and ordinary people. Our goal is to provide our clients with the opportunity to both flexibly plan their time and human resources and help them adapt to a constantly changing market.

We provide only high-quality services, we take into account everyone’s proposals, and we make decisions that are beneficial to all our partners.

We cooperate with large companies as well as with medium and small companies.

Our values:

  • Professionalism. We constantly improve our knowledge, strive to be the best and solve all the tasks entrusted to us.
  • Quality. We provide only high-quality services that meet the highest standards of our clients.
  • Reliability. We observe all agreements with our clients and fulfil the entrusted tasks on time.
  • Honesty. We work in compliance with and without violating the laws of the Republic of Lithuania as well as without deceiving our partners and clients.
  • Cooperation. We delve into, listen attentively and understand each one who applies to us.

Our vision and mission:

To be the first choice of clients and partners with aspirations in solving problems. Cultured and professional communication, professional decision-making in order to create added value for the business.

What is decent is worthy of respect, and what is worthy of respect, is always decent.
– Cicero

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