Employee leasing

Employee leasing (also known as staff leasing or temporary employment) is a modern service that allows for flexible management of human resources. This is such a form of an employment relationship where a Temporary employee is employed by the Temporary Employment Agency for the purpose of sending them to work for the benefit of another undertaking (work user).

If you have a variable workload, the scope of works has increased and you urgently need employees, you want to increase the efficiency of personnel management, your employee got sick and you urgently need to replace him/her with another, professional employees of our company and professional solutions will help to increase your business productivity.

How does this service benefit your business?

Using this service, our client can concentrate on his core business to the maximum extent. On the issues of employment relations, to transfer responsibility to an employment undertaking which will ensure the finding of employees, the training of employees, recruitment, payment of wages, holiday accounting, sickness compensations, correct administration of taxes with employment relations and timely payment.

Employees are selected according to the needs of the client (work experience, competence, education, foreign language proficiency and other aspects).

Employee leasing is beneficial in many respects:

  1. You want to increase the efficiency of personnel management
  2. With the scope of works increased, there is a shortage of employees, you want to implement fixed-term projects or perform short-term works
  3. Your employee got sick and another one is needed immediately
  4. Want to simplify the administration of labour relations
  5. You do not have time to search for another employee
  6. You need a long-term employee, but you do not have time to search for a “pilot employee“

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