Selection of staff

The undertakings only need the most qualified specialists in their field, which are needed ‘here and now’. We will save your time and resources by selecting candidates for your required job position.

We have accumulated considerable work experience in searching for qualified employees, and we know what qualities of the leader the employee must have and is a suitable candidate for creating added value for your undertaking. We will select only those employees who best match the job position with their available qualifications, knowledge and work experience.

The ongoing selection process is divided into the following levels:

First-level selection means a highly qualified employee with certain knowledge, experience, meeting all the criteria of a manager and having the necessary personality properties and characterised by a leadership. We pay particular attention to the candidates sought at this level, we determine how a potential employee works in a team, his/her ability to keep the ‘cold mind’ in difficult situations, communication and diplomatic skills, and most importantly, the honesty of a person.

Second-level selection means a medium-skilled employee, e.g.: administrator, accountant, manager. We take into account the person’s personal characteristics, experience, language proficiency, ability to work in a team, communicativeness and communication with clients as well as the attraction of new ones.

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